Privacy Policy

We acknowledge the importance of protecting your Personal Information (as later defined) and take our obligations to you seriously. This Privacy Policy explains how we care for your Personal Information. To make this Privacy Policy easier to understand, the definitions set forth in the Terms of Service shall mean the same in this document.

Our Affiliates may also provide you with their own policies and procedures regarding the treatment your Personal Information. We endeavor to require our Affiliates to have policies and procedures that are at least as restrictive as ours, but suggest you review each Affiliate's policies as well. In addition, we suggest you refer to your Internet service provider ("ISP") for its policies and procedures. We are not responsible for the handling of Personal Information by our Affiliates or third parties such as your ISP.

In the course of providing you access to our Website, establishing and maintaining an Account, and allowing use of our Products and Services, we may request that you provide us with the following personal information ("Personal Information"): (i) name; (ii) home and work addresses; (iii) telephone number(s); (iv) credit card and/or other deposit, payment and billing information; and (v) personal identification number(s) such as social security number, passwords, and/or e-mail address(s). We may ask you for information that is not described above, but, if it is of a personal nature, we will also consider it Personal Information.

Your Account may contain, but may not be limited to, information regarding (i) billing and payment; (ii) maintenance and repairs; (iii) information regarding your PC and equipment that is attached thereto such as a modem, as well as their configuration (which we may check remotely); (iv) customer service inquires; (v) correspondence with you via e-mail or any other form; (vi) information regarding any violation of our Terms of Service; (vii) information received from third parties; (viii) information regarding calls or calling patterns: and (ix) information regarding your credit history.

We may need to disclose some or all of your Personal Information or Account to our Affiliates and, by accepting our Terms of Service, you allow us to do so without further notice.

We may place and access our cookies, or those of our Affiliates, on your computer without prior notice. In the event one of our Affiliates places cookies on your computer, the Affiliate's privacy policy will govern how your Personal Information is handled. You may configure your computer and Internet access software to block cookies, but it may impair or disable our ability to provide Products and Services to you.

We may disclose your Personal Information without your consent to the following persons or entities: (i) credit agencies; (ii) our attorneys; (iii) our accountants; (iv) our subcontractors; (v) our collections services; and (vi) our research firms. We may also disclose your Personal Information if required by law. We may from time to time use your Personal Information for our, or our Affiliates', marketing purposes, which may include, but are not limited to, email messages sent to your personal email account, telephone calls to you eNumber™, or text messages sent to your mobile telephone, but we will not knowingly disclose your Personal Information to third parties for marketing purposes. Unless you opt out during registration of your Account, we will list your name and eNumber in our Orange Pages. This means your name and eNumber will be visible to other users and the general public. You are not required to participate or list your name and eNumber in our Orange Pages to use our Service. We are not responsible for third parties who use the information obtained via the Orange Pages and you agree to hold us harmless for any use thereof. If you selected to list your name and eNumber in our Orange Pages during registration and desire us to remove it, please contact us at info@efonica.com.

In most circumstances, if we receive a court order from a governmental agency for your Personal Information, the Communications Act of 1934, as amended (the "Communications Act") requires you be afforded the opportunity to contest in court any claims made in support of the court order sought. In some circumstances, state agencies may obtain your Personal Information under an administrative subpoena without a court order, and we may be required to comply with their request without your receiving notice or an opportunity to contest the request.

The Federal Communications Commission requires providers of VoIP to accommodate police wiretaps under the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act ("CALEA"). This rule requires us to allow law enforcement access to your Personal Information and Account, and to electronically tap into and monitor your Internet phone calls and broadband transmissions. This electronic surveillance may be done without your knowledge, and without providing you the opportunity to consent.

If you subscribe to an ISP service, the Electronic Communications Policy Act of 1986, as amended (the "ECPA") requires your ISP and us to disclose certain information regarding your Personal Information and the content of your communications. Under some circumstances, if the government requests your ISP and/or us to disclose information regarding your Account or the content of your communications and serves us with a criminal warrant or court order, we may be required to comply with its request without notice to you and without providing you the opportunity to consent.

Under certain circumstances, private parties may obtain information regarding a copyright infringement action without notice to you. In addition, you agreed in the Terms of Service to allow us to provide Personal Information in the event our business is at risk or in an emergency.

VoIP is an emerging technology, and laws and regulations regarding the privacy of your Personal Information and Account may change in the future. We will endeavor to advise you of these changes in our Privacy Policy as we become aware of them.

We will maintain your Personal Information and Account records for such a time as is necessary to comply with all governmental rules and regulations and for legal and accounting purposes. When we are no longer required to maintain your Personal Information, we will destroy it unless you direct us in writing you desire otherwise.

Under the Communications Act, you may inspect your Personal Information and Account records and correct any errors that may be contained therein. Please feel free to contact us in the event you desire to do so.

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy. In the event we make a change, the change will be effective upon posting the new Privacy Policy on our Website. We will notify you by email if there is a significant change.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy. You may contact us at info@efonica.com.

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